Saturday, September 18, 2004

Session 1 comments

Here's my reply to Karen's message on yesterday's opening session of The Learning Classroom course. It reflects part of my thoughts. More later!

Hi, Karen and all other English Workshoppers! ;-)

I enjoyed yesterday's session and all the food for thought that came out of it. Writing suggestions on the whiteboard was a fun and dynamic activity, as were the comments in the chat area mixed with the voice comments (or vice-versa! Reminds of the theory-practice discussion yesterday and the chicken-egg comparison). Too bad the voice comments were lost. I strongly suggest that we try and have these sessions recorded. I hope that Jonathan F., or whoever decides that, allows it.

I also think that there are a few details to sort out about session management, but I'm sure Doris will take care of that. I think we'll miss out on a lot if we don't get the chance to interact with our Venezuelan friends. If LT doesn't work for everyone, let's try YM. However, I believe that being/staying in the same environment simplififes things, especially in terms of recording the session. And the whiteboard at LT is a fabulous tool. My two euro cents!!! ;-)

BTW, I think that I more or less remember what I said towards the end of the session, though it was spontaneous. The only thing I looked for at a certain point in the conversation was the paragraph I wanted to refer to from the readings, because it really caught my attention.

I'll try and write about that later today or early tomorrow, so that we can continue the interaction. Thanks for all the interest you showed in what I said!

At the moment, I'm at odds with a presentation for Sep. 27 and need to finish it a.s.a.p. so that I can get on with other things. Priorities!

Congrats, Doris! Way to go! Will we have feedback of what you all discussed f2f? Hope so.

See you all later!



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