Saturday, October 02, 2004

Session 3 comments

Just to say that we had "a stimulating session" yesterday, using Sus' expression. (I'll add the link to the session file as soon as I have it.) There were only about 8 participants, but we exchanged interesting ideas. And I really enjoyed the lively participation on the Venezuelan side. It's great to laugh, girls! It's one of the ways to "keep on shining!" in the midst of all the chaos in today's society.

In response to Karen's question of a brain vs. a mind (?), I enjoyed Bruce's analogy to the computer world: the brain is our hardware and the mind is our software. Please correct me if I interpreted it wrong, Bruce. Though Sus thought it was a very simplistic way of analyzing the question, I don't believe any of us wanted to analyze it in depth. We just wanted to make a few brief points, on the spur of the moment, and I thought this specific one was interesting. I had trouble explaining how I feel about the idea of two distinct things: brain and mind.

Thinking out loud to myself at this moment about Bruce's idea, though not having given the topic special added thought, I think we can say the brain is the hardware - the mechanism that allows us to accept/receive input, filter it, process it, organize it and store it in different parts/recesses (as in a hard drive) - and the mind is the software - the program that helps us generate our output, our ideas, our knowledge... after the brain has done its share of the work.

Analyzing what I'm doing at this moment, I'm using hardware (the computer, or my brain) and software (this Blogger program, which will reveal my mind to the extent I want it to). Both complement each other and make it possible for me to express my mind, that is, my ideas, experiences, interests, etc. Does this make any sense??!! Didn't I say I had trouble explaining myself? I'd better stop and not make a fool of myself!


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