Thursday, October 14, 2004

What I said in session 4 (8oct04)

These are some of the comments we made during the session in the text chat area, which complemented our voiced comments.

Me: may i ask if you all consider smart and intelligent different? we have two different words in portuguese
Me: it's sort of the brain vs. the mind discussion! ;-)
Sus: I'm also surprised about using the term " smart" for being "clever".
Moderator[Bruce]: we sometime use the phrase "street wise"
Me: and sometimes in a sneaky way!

Me: i don't agree. i've always said that i think there is at least one potential in everybody, and gardner says "we all have potential in all of the intelligences". that's going much further
Me: his contribution is fantastic and it's looking at people in a very positive way, esp. people we usually consider as incapable

doris: everybody is intelligent all they have to do is to try to find outwhat kind of intelligent they are.
doris: they can be several kind of intelligent at the same time
Me: but we, as teachers, need to help them find that out, doris
alexe_s: It's just that some people have a harder time to find in what are they good at
Me: true, alex
doris: yes, that's what we try ito do in our English class by exposing our students to different kind of materials
Me: absolutely, doris

Me: another fascinating idea is that intelligences can develop/be developed over time

Me: maybe we say so bec. we have been rooted in only those two intelligences [linguistic and logical-mathematic]] most of our lives
doris: In venezuela our education system focus on developing reading, writing and mathematics
Me: all this additional knowledge is quite recent
Me: and even the four basic skills we're always talking about are also deeply rooted in the linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligences

Me: use the MI in your classes!!! :-)

Me: i would also like to have some comments to my blog. feels sad to have a monologue :-(
doris: I tried to post but i couldn't
Me: actually, i'm enjoying reflecting and taking note of relevant ideas, but comments are welcome
doris: i didn't know how to
Sus: Tere, I read your blog today but had no time yet to comment
Me: why not? aren't you a member of blogger?
doris: i loved your comments

And this is the chat that Luisa R. Rosa and I had right after the session (included with Luisa's permission):

teresa (22:53:26): the chapter is very interesting
luisa (22:54:20): yes, it makes us think
teresa (22:56:05): yes, it sure does...
luisa (22:56:37): but i agree with Doris
luisa (22:57:03): we worry too much about teaching "the syllabus"
teresa (22:57:55): i worry less and less about teaching everything. and they learn, because they have fun in my classes
luisa (22:58:22): i think you're right
teresa (22:58:29): they're always with their glued on me waiting for the next 'nutty' thing i will do or say
teresa (22:58:57): i've always preferred quality to quantity. and i diversify more and more
luisa (22:59:28): we are going to have internet at my school
luisa (22:59:41): maybe i will update myself
teresa (22:59:51): and the textbooks help a lot because they have many different activities
teresa (23:00:40): i'm also much more interested in communication than in correctness
teresa (23:01:03): i don't worry that much about them having everything correct
luisa (23:01:51): but it's always dangerous to advance without saying something
luisa (23:02:13): sometimes it's hard to balance things
teresa (23:02:59): i tell them about a few mistakes, but i don't insist, because i think it's more important to communicate
teresa (23:03:12): and i also have them do peer correction
luisa (23:04:04): sometimes i don't know if it's really worth correcting, because in spite of the 'mistake battle' we fight, the mistakes are always the same
luisa (23:04:33): they have to correct themselves
teresa (23:05:11): right. and think about this: we hear so many people speaking bad or so,so English, but we understand them. i'm thinking about politicians from all over the world on tv, etc
teresa (23:05:30): i believe communication should prevail


Blogger elderbob - the blog boss said...

I'm sorry I missed this session as it concerned something I am very interested in and that has to do with our different modes of learning. It looks like it was a very interesting and thought provoking session.

It's interesting to me to see that you have created another blog for the class. As you know by now, I and other Webheads are trying to push the limits with blogs.
I truly beleive that a blog offers us a unique opportunity to evoke some of those other "ways of knowing" that Gardner alludes to. Visual, auditory, and I am sure in the long run there will be other activities that can be created in this written space that will stimulate all of our learning processes. It's up to us all to find out how....keep up the great work and keep on blogging.

October 20, 2004 at 3:00 AM  
Blogger Teresa said...

Dear Bob,

Thanks so much for your comment. :-)

I thought it would be very useful for me to post my ideas as I go along, because if I wait to write a text about it, I know I'll never do it. That's why a blog is such a great idea. We can just post topics, loose ideas, etc.

I'll see you on Friday for your session. Another very fascinating topic!


October 20, 2004 at 6:48 AM  
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